The development of philanthropic initiatives is important to enhance our portfolio of activities. Philanthropy functions as a soft tool, a different way of involving donors in innovative projects and creative partnerships. It is a way of writing a story together from beginning to end. We see philanthropy as a platform to enable experiences and relationships that support diverse projects and are instrumental in facilitating ambitious ideas. Philanthropic projects can be approached with an entrepreneurial spirit and we take great pleasure in linking donors to creative enterprise. We have a track record in facilitating dynamic and enduring collaborations between the private sector and public institutions. To date, we have developed philanthropic links to support individual institutions as well as citywide exhibitions, artwork production, residencies, publications and research projects.

Founding partner Sébastien Montabonel is also the Chair of Trustees of the Foundation Art Institutions of the 21st Century, which focuses on the importance of stable art institutions in a changing and challenging political, economic, and aesthetic climate; the foundation researches critical themes to assist art professionals in facing current challenges – such as the shortage of public funding, the impact of new technologies on display, and effective audience engagement – and foster a sustainable art ecosystem that harnesses the best practices from both public and private sectors.