// Strategy for Institutions

What should the contemporary art institution of the 21st Century be like? What are the values and practices that should be retained and how should they prepare and evolve in the future? How do we square the needs of the local with the demands of bourgeoning globalization? What impact does digital culture have on collecting? How can public and private sectors work better together?

In the Contemporary we have seen a bourgeoning expansion of public and private art museums. To establish a new institution, be it public or private, can be a daunting task and requires significant planning and strategic positioning. Though different in size and scope, all institutions must manage this important period of evolution when paradigms are under scrutiny due to the impact of technological change and decreasing public funding. What is becoming increasingly clear is that received models of museum practice must evolve significantly in order to thrive.

Montabonel & Partners provides a number of services to support the establishment of new institutions, whilst also assisting existing organisations in managing their own transition. Accordingly, the strategies we offer are necessarily bespoke, since the aims and objectives are different for each client. As specialist advisors we are able to develop studies leading to strategic proposals to set up or enhance the different institutions’ position in the world of Contemporary art.

These include:

SWOT/SMART analyses of the organisation to evaluate opportunities and challenges.

Branding consultancy to enhance visibility and reception by audiences and peers.

Network and Alliance Expansion to explore enhanced relations within the art eco-system.

Board and Legacy Development to cement management structures and practices with a view to long-term stability.

Collection Building, Management and Policy to ensure a cohesive acquisition strategy combined with best-practice conservation and archiving through industry standard documents and templates.