The development of curatorial strategy is an essential aspect of our activities; the curatorial turn, a nexus for discussion, critique and debate serves as a means of creating an embedded discourse linking objects, situations, institutions, and audiences. We research and exhibit major new curatorial projects in partnership with key collections and institutions in Britain and abroad. These projects are important opportunities for showcasing private collections in new situations, and introducing them to different audiences. In 2015, the project Going Public exhibited four prestigious international collections in different venues across the city of Sheffield, and provided an example of how public and private realms can work alongside one another to mutual benefit; they included the dslcollection, the Cattelain Collection, the Marzona Collection, and the Sandretto Re Rebaudaengo Collection. In 2016, we curated the exhibition Lewis Baltz with works by Carl Andre and Charlotte Posenenske in collaboration with Stills Center for Photography in Edinburgh. The exhibition has been curated to reflect the affinity that Baltz highlighted between his photography and the work of his Minimalist artist peers.