Montabonel & Partners works closely with key institutions and collectors to formulate and implement cultural branding strategies with the aim of enhancing the role of their collections and make them readily accessible to local and international audiences. Accordingly, we transfer knowledge and expertise to clients who become the experts of their own collection. Clients are given the tools to make the right acquisitions for their collections and supported in their navigation of a complex and unregulated art industry. This is achieved by providing expertise to our clients, and introducing them to experts in specific fields that are pertinent to the collection. Moreover, clients need to understand the fair value of an artwork in order to achieve the best outcome in a negotiation. Our collectors benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of both primary and secondary markets, gained from our extensive experience of working at auction houses, galleries, museums and collections. Our network of contacts is wide-ranging; we have privileged connections to galleries, artists’ estates, private collections, secondary market dealers, auction houses, and living artists.

It is paramount that each collection has its own identity and an individual perspective. Therefore, we approach the collection with a curatorial methodology and conceive of bespoke strategies for each client that reflects their interests and personality.

We build the visibility of our clients’ collections as required by them, whilst maintaining the utmost discretion. This ranges from encouraging loans to exhibitions, introductions to curators, museums and scholars, participating in panel discussions on collecting, joining museum boards and donations of works to other institutions (private or public) or helping them with advice on the legal and financial management of their collections.

Our field of expertise is extensive, and includes the following movements: Hard-edge, ZERO group, the Düsseldorf School of Photography, New Topography, GRAV, Light and Space, Minimalism, and Conceptual art, among others.

We oversee all aspects of due diligence when vetting an artwork for a client and believe that the due diligence process is of the utmost importance when building a significant museum-quality art collection. Our thorough approach to the process ensures that our clients are never faced with the consequences of costly mistakes such as provenance or authenticity issues.